Gateway to Alternative data

Comprehensive Database

For the last 6 years, we've evaluated, modeled and scored thousands of data sources mapped to 250+ million individuals to identify over 5,000 attributes that provide the most lift. These data points, when combined with our modeling methodology, have been proven to provide unique insight and meaningful lift.

Unique Data

In addition to traditional sources of data, we have developed the most comprehensive set of data measuring health, behavioral, life events, and risk for the insurance industry. Our ability to detect changes in people’s lives through alternative data adds meaningful lift and depth not captured by other data sources.

The census bureau collects data on the economy and residents in the United States.
Underwriting / Risk
Insurance and financial product scores.
Healthcare costs and medical scores.
Consumer Spending
Transactions and purchasing behavior from over 120+ retailers in the U.S.
Credit history from all three bureaus.
Lifestyle, life event, interests, psychological, and other scores for individuals.
Match Your Data

With a 93% match rate based on full name, date of birth, and address, Verikai is your gateway to alternative data.

We track 1 trillion data points.